The Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Texas

Howdy, Pilgrim!

Greetings from the Texas Society of Mayflower Descendants.

As Governor of the Texas Society of Mayflower Descendants, it is my privilege to extend to you greetings from this group of extraordinary people. We are a unique group in that our ancestors were the first to come to these shores with the intent to spend the rest of their lives here. Only one returned to England after settling here, and he returned only to take news of Plymouth Colony and its inhabitants with hopes of persuading others to come here to live. Our forefathers did not plan to travel back and forth to England; they came to stay permanently.

The Texas Society has over 1,300 active members, over 300 Junior members, and we are an active, growing group of individuals interested in history and genealogy and primarily in keeping the accomplishments of our forefathers in the minds and hearts of all our inhabitants. With that goal in mind, our colonies have an active educational plan, particularly in the fall. Our members, joined by friends, spouses, and prospective members, usually in costume go into the classrooms and present information about our ancestors, their lives, and their accomplishments. Unfortunately, in most instances the students know more about the Indians than they do about the Mayflower and its passengers. We try to correct that situation with our presentations. Our Society and our colonies also donate library and classroom materials as gifts to the schools and do our best to educate the youngsters about this aspect of American history.

If you are interested in pursuing membership, and I certainly hope you are, in the larger libraries located near our colonies you will find publications of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants which can help you in your research. They can also be ordered from various sources which are listed under the helpful links for doing research. I encourage you to pursue membership if you think you may descend from the approved Mayflower passengers. You never know what you may find about your heritage.

If you have questions about our Society, its activities, or your prospective membership, please feel free to make the appropriate contacts. We wait to welcome you to our group.

In Mayflower friendship,

Mike Nichols

Texas Society of Mayflower Descendants