The Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Texas

Today in Our History

The Voyages of Your Pilgrims
Setting Sail September 6, 1620
The Adventure on the Atlantic - September 6, 1620
November 11, 1620
Establishing Plymouth Colony in December 1620
Samoset and Squanto
The First Feast and Foods of the First Feast - Early Fall 1621
A Starving Time - December 1622-1623
August 14-15, 1635 - A Mighty Storm of Wind and Rain
The First Earth Shattering Event for the Pilgrims - June 1, 1638
December - Daniel Webster - Plymouth Bicentennial - 1820
Cooking 101 in the 1620s
How Thanksgiving became a Tradition - What does September 28 and December 26 have to do with Thanksgiving?
The Pilgrims Clothing - A Colorful Story

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